Coming in 2.3: storage improvements

Andrew Wilkins andrew.wilkins at
Thu Jul 13 08:56:00 UTC 2017

Hi folks,

I've just published, which
highlights some of the new bits added around storage that's coming to Juju
2.3. I particularly wanted to highlight that a new LXD storage provider has
just landed on develop today. It should be available in the edge snap soon.

The LXD storage provider will enable you to attach LXD storage volumes to
your containers, and use that for a charm's storage requirements. e.g.

$ juju deploy postgresql --storage pgdata=1G,lxd-zfs

This will create a LXD storage pool backed by a ZFS pool, create a 1GiB ZFS
volume and attach that to the container.

I'd appreciate feedback on the new provider, and the attach/detach changes
described in the blog post, preferably before 2.3 comes around. In
particular, UX warts or functionality that you're missing or anything you
find broken-by-design -- stuff that can't easily be fixed after we release.


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