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Hi Dmitrii

On Sun, 9 Jul 2017 at 12:10 Dmitrii Shcherbakov <
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Hi Giuseppe,
> First of all, thank you for looking into writing a gnocchi charm!
> There is already an ongoing effort from James Page on charming gnocchi:
> <>
> -
> design doc.
> It is a reactive charm based upon charms.openstack.
> A lot of code is abstracted away by the layer:openstack-api
> -
> package installation
> It might be worthwhile to consolidate the effort on a single charm to
> avoid duplicate work.

We're already chatting - as is quite a bit further
along we'll focus on taking this codebase f orward, with probably the
addition of postgresql support if we need it.


If anyone is interested, we'll also be covering this in todays charms IRC
meeting at 1700 UTC in #openstack-meeting-4 - I'm pretty confident we can
get to a reasonable v1 set of changes quickly (i.e. this week) for
integration of gnocchi into the openstack charm set!


> Not sure how many people care about Icehouse + charms nowadays but I know
> that there are some active clouds still relying on 14.04 + icehouse + juju
> 1.x so it is debatable whether we should enable the new 'driver' option
> unconditionally in new charm releases before 14.04 + Liberty go EoL from
> our perspective.

Yup - there is some detail to work out here; gnocchi o nly has context from
OpenStack Mitaka onwards so this does limit the scope of any support; as
the charms have a series aligned templating system, we can leave the older
style configuration intact and just move forward on the newer releases with
the transport_url option + the required notification driver configuration.


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