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Giuseppe Attardi giuseppe.attardi at
Thu Jul 6 16:46:44 UTC 2017

The  ceilometer service has gone through a major overhaul, where some of its parts have been removed and assigned to gnocchi.

In particular the ceilometer api has been discontinued and the ceilometer collector is superseded by ceilometer agent-notification.
Since ceilometer no longer collects data, also the mongodb is no longer needed.

Therefore the Ceilometer charm must be updated as well as other charms that must be configured to talk to ceilometer, according to the instructions here:

I am working on a gnocchi charm and now need to do modifications to te following charms:

- ceilometer
- cinder
- glance
- neutron
- swift

In particular for example, one needs to add this to the /etc/glance/glance-api.conf file:

transport_url = rabbit://openstack:RABBIT_PASS@controller

driver = messagingv2

Could someone advise of where this change should go in the Glance charm?

Surprisingly, the section oslo_messaging_notifications is already present in the Cinder file cinder-api.conf generated by the charm, but I could not find where in the code of the charm it gets done.

When the gnocchi charm and the changes to the others will be ready, I will post them.

Any help appreciated.

— Beppe

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