Is it possible to return management to Juju after manual provision of a machine?

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Wed Jul 5 13:51:20 UTC 2017


Like Andrew already pointed out, you can issue `juju deploy your-char 
--to 9` to run your charms.

Then on the juju CLI side, use `juju debug-log` to get a running debug 
log. Whatever the charm error is, you should see it flashing across the 
screen. Also, hooks and states will be run in multiple attempts, so you 
should see error repeated, then you can Ctrl-c to stop the log and look 
at the stack trace there.

Since `install` hook is the first to run, it's actually pretty easy to 
debug because of less noise at that point. If possible, debug charm at a 
time instead of using a bundle, which will kick off multiple charms and 
can create a lot of noise in the log.

On 06/29/2017 05:38 PM, N. S. wrote:
> Hi,
> Excuse me if this seems a strange scenario.
> My scenario is as follows:
> I have a charm that has lots of problems in its install script, needs 
> massive change (NOT SURE how to fix it)
> So,
> I added an empty machine by
> Juju add-machine --series Xenial
> And then I logged into it by
> Juju SSH 9
> And
> I provisioned it (installed some software on it).
> Now,
> Is it possible to get it back to Juju among the units and the 
> applications?
> How?
> Other hooks are probably fine, how to integrate them in the machine?
> Thanks,
> BR

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