Command Completion Not working? --SOLVED

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Mon Jul 3 07:55:13 UTC 2017

Hi Menno,

Thank you for your followup. This issue was solved.

I am sorry, I don't recall the exact scenario. But I think it was :

sudo apt install juju.

Certainly, NOT a build from source.

But, I remember that I removed JUJU by sudo apt remove juju and re-installed it using snap and done snap refresh and issue is solved.

I quote what I replied to this thread the second day.

"After the refresh of the snap, issue is solved"


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Can you tell us how you installed the Juju client? Was it via conventional Ubuntu updates (i.e. a deb package), the snap release (i.e. `snap install juju`) or did you build it yourself?


On 29 June 2017 at 00:38, N. S. <n5pascal at<mailto:n5pascal at>> wrote:

Hi Juju team,

I am upgraded my juju platform to latest release:

~$ juju --version

However, when I use the tab key for command completion, I get this weird "juju_complete_2_0: command not found" instead of normal command completion that I used to have in version 2.1.3.

Please see the below.

$ juju attac_juju_complete_2_0: command not found
_juju_complete_2_0: command not found
h_juju_complete_2_0: command not found


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