ERROR fetching hosted model spaces: adding subnet

soumaya kanta nayek soumaya.nayek at
Thu Dec 21 05:49:23 UTC 2017



We are in a process of integrating vEPC with juju as orchestrator on OPNFV
platform .  I am getting an error to bootstrap a juju controller on
openstack . And the error is as follows .


The bootstrap command is fired through python code and the command is .


Bootstrap Command :        'juju bootstrap abot-epc abot-controller '

                                                  '--config network={}
--metadata-source ~  '

ssl-hostname-verification=false '

                                                     '--constraints mem=2G
--bootstrap-series '

                                                    'trusty '

use-floating-ip=true --debug'.





017-12-15 07:47:59 DEBUG juju.worker runner.go:395 no restart, removing
"txnlog" from known workers

2017-12-15 07:47:59 DEBUG juju.state open.go:618 closed state without error

ERROR fetching hosted model spaces: adding subnet "": subnet
"" already exists

2017-12-15 07:47:59 DEBUG cmd supercommand.go:459 error stack: subnet "" already
exists adding subnet "" fetching hosted
model spaces 

2017-12-15 07:47:59 DEBUG juju.cmd.jujud main.go:187 jujud complete, code 0,
err <nil>

07:47:59 ERROR juju.cmd.juju.commands bootstrap.go:496 failed to bootstrap
model: subprocess encountered error code 1

07:47:59 DEBUG juju.cmd.juju.commands bootstrap.go:497 (error details:
[{ failed to
bootstrap model} {subprocess encountered error code 1}])


We are not able understand the , is it any bug or any configuration mistake
which we need to rectify . 


I am attaching debug log of the bootstrap for more detail information . 




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