Juju bootstrap fails

Deepa K R deepa.kr at fingent.com
Tue Dec 5 09:44:05 UTC 2017

Hello Rick 


  I fixed this issue by editing bootstrap config file and adding proxy details .



Deepa K R


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Hi Deepa. When Juju boostrap it provisions a node and then uses an ssh connection to communicate with that provisioned node. It looks like your client machine isn't able to communicate with the newly provisioned MAAS node without the proxy config you've setup to help with it. I personally use a tool sshuttle [1]to enable me to create a tunnel to the MAAS managed network from my client network so that I can work with the bootstrapped controllers on MAAS. 


1: https://sshuttle.readthedocs.io/en/stable/



On Tue, Nov 28, 2017 at 12:35 AM Deepa K R <deepa.kr at fingent.com <mailto:deepa.kr at fingent.com> > wrote:

Hello Team 


  I am trying to bootstrap a VM machine in order to deploy Openstack cloud  and it hangs as below 


maasadmin at FGSUSSUMAAS01:~$ juju bootstrap stagingmaas

Creating Juju controller "stagingmaas" on stagingmaas

Looking for packaged Juju agent version 2.2.6 for amd64

Launching controller instance(s) on stagingmaas...

- qrdf8y (arch=amd64 mem=10G cores=10)

Fetching Juju GUI 2.10.2

Waiting for address

Attempting to connect to 10.x.0.10:22  <<<<<<<<<<<


maasadmin at FGSUSSUMAAS01:~/openstack-stg$ juju --version



Is there any way to fix this out .


Also please note if I use below details in bootstrap.config file ,boot strap succeeds. is the private IP of maas server  .


default-series: xenial

no-proxy: localhost

http-proxy: http://10.x.0.50:8000 

https-proxy: http://10.x.0.50:8000

ftp-proxy: http://10.x.0.50:8000


If I use public IP of maas server in config file ,bootstrap fails 


As you see 10.x.0.50 is the private IP of maas server and Openstack deployment fails with 


Machine  State    DNS          Inst id  Series  AZ       Message

0        down     10.x.0.17  4rc3n3   xenial  default  Failed deployment: Power state queried: on

0/lxd/0  pending               pending  xenial

0/lxd/1  pending               pending  xenial

0/lxd/2  pending               pending  xenial

0/lxd/3  pending               pending  xenial

0/lxd/4  pending               pending  xenial

1        down     10.x.0.18  gst3at   xenial  default  Failed deployment: Power state queried: on

1/lxd/0  pending               pending  xenial

1/lxd/1  pending               pending  xenial

1/lxd/2  pending               pending  xenial

1/lxd/3  pending               pending  xenial

2        down     10.x.0.19  s8pct4   xenial  default  Failed deployment: Power state queried: on

3        down     10.x.0.20  7nrsab   xenial  default  Failed deployment: Power state queried: on

4        down     10.x.0.21  7pqsdy   xenial  default  Failed deployment: Power state queried: on


Please see the attachment also . 


So in order to get deployment going I need bootstrap issue to get resolve .

Kindly suggest 



Deepa K R



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