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Mon Oct 24 16:11:11 UTC 2016

I'm not sure if anyone here is following along with the elastic 5.x
upgrade, but that work is scheduled to happen during the 16.11 cycle which
is nearly upon us.

While doing some background checking on where the 5.0 release is (currently
in RC status), I stumbled across a new partnership to Elastic which brings
with it Machine Learning integration on the data-sets warehoused in

Now I'm not proposing we immediately hop on board and start charming this
up, but it seems like an extension that adds Prometheus style
introspection, but with the added benefit of ML on the backend so it learns
your model(s) and knows what to expect vs what is an anomaly.  and    both of information and
announcements around the partnership.

Background to Prelert: they offer both business security monitoring and
operational monitoring for anomaly detection. Is this something we're
interested in evaluating as a POC to gather more information?  Is someone
out there already working on this?

It seems to me (assuming this is as awesome as it sounds) that if we were
able to ship both long-term metric aggregation and visualization, with an
added benefit of anomaly detection, that we'd be offering a powerful 1-2
punch out of the box with our solution. But I don't want to dedicate *any*
time to this if we're not even clear if it provides enough value to our
potential customers.  So I'm seeking commentary of any sort on if this is
something we're interested in looking at.

Thanks and all the best,


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