Regarding juju Storage - using MAAS as cloud provider

Shilpa Kaul shilkaul at
Wed Oct 19 19:20:13 UTC 2016


I have configured a MAAS cluster and have block device 'sdb' attached to 
one of the nodes which I am using to deploy my charm as shown below:

After this I created a storage pool called maastest with attribute tag as 
'sdb' and deployed my charm. In the MAAS controller console I see that the 
node status is "Failed Deployment" and I see the below error in the UI for 
the node on which I am trying to deploy the charm making use of MAAS 

Installing for i386-pc platform.
grub-install : error: unable to identify a filesystem in 
hostdisk//dev/sdb; safety check cant be performed
failed to install grub!
Command: ['install-grub', 'tmp/tmpqwTtyG/target', '/dev/sdb]'

MAAS version is 1.9.4 and Ubuntu version : 14.04

I am new to MAAS and not sure why the above error is coming, can someone 
please help me in resolving  this error.

Thanks and Regards,
Shilpa Kaul

From:   Matt Bruzek <matthew.bruzek at>
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Date:   10/19/2016 09:24 PM
Subject:        Re: Regarding juju Storage - using MAAS as cloud provider


There are some documentation about creating storage on MAAS here:

Using this document you should be able to create block devices in MAAS 
that you can later use in Juju.

The Juju storage documentation can be found here:

As an example, once you have your MAAS storage created and tagged, you 
could create a storage pool in Juju like this:

juju create-storage-pool mypool maas tags=<maas-tag>

And then you could add a storage constraint to deploy your charm like 

juju deploy <charm> --storage disks=mypool,1G

I have not tried MAAS storage with Juju so you may need some additional 
commands. If anyone else has examples of combining MAAS storage with Juju 
please reply here to let us know. Thanks!

   - Matt Bruzek <matthew.bruzek at>

On Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 11:29 AM, Shilpa Kaul <shilkaul at> wrote:
Hi Matt/Kevin,

We have a charm called as Spectrum Scale (previously called as gpfs) which 
is making use of Juju Storage feature. I have tested this on AWS, making 
use of ebs as storage option. When I deploy the charm say  "juju deploy 
ibm-spectrum-scale-manager --storage disks=ebs,1G", I am able to get block 
storage disks. My charm uses this disk and then creates a file sytem on 
top of that.
I am able to test this on AWS, but now we have got a scenario where we 
have to deploy the charm on physical servers or VM's. We have configured 
MAAS for VM's and are able to deploy a sample charm as well using MAAS as 
cloud provider, but I am not sure how to make use of juju storage options 
incase of MAAS. Can you please provide us with any contact who can help us 
in making use of storage option with MAAS as cloud provider.

Thanks and Regards,
Shilpa Kaul

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