Juju 2.0-rc3 is here!

Andrew Wilkins andrew.wilkins at canonical.com
Fri Oct 7 00:27:41 UTC 2016

On Fri, Oct 7, 2016 at 6:15 AM Curtis Hovey-Canonical <curtis at canonical.com>

> A new development release of Juju, 2.0-rc3, is here!
> ## What's new?
> * For an AWS VPC account juju will create a t2.medium for controller
>   instances by default now. Non-controller instances are unchanged for
>   now, and remain m3.medium by default. Controller instance root disk
>   now defaults to 32GiB, but can be overridden with constraints.
> * Shorten the hostnames we apply to instances created by the OpenStack
>   provider.
>     Example old hostname:
>     juju-fd943864-df2e-4da1-8e7d-5116a87d4e7c-machine-14
>     Example new hostname:
>     Juju-df7591-controller-0
> * Added support for LXD 2.3 apis
> * New update-credential command
> * Added --model-default option to the bootstrap
> * LXD containers now have proper hostnames set

Also, support for the aws/ap-south-1 region has been added.

Adam Stokes just found a bug related to this, which prevented him from
being able to destroy his rc2 controller with an rc3 client. I'll fix this
for 2.0, but in the mean time I recommend you destroy your controller
before upgrading the client.

If you do upgrade the client, then you will need to modify
~/.local/share/juju/bootstrap-config.yaml, fixing the endpoint cached in
there. You can find the correct value by running "juju show-cloud aws", and
picking out the value associated with the region you bootstrapped.


> ## How do I get it?
> If you are running Ubuntu, you can get it from the juju devel ppa:
>     sudo add-apt-repository ppa:juju/devel
>     sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install juju-2.0
> Windows, Centos, and MacOS users can get a corresponding installer at:
>     https://launchpad.net/juju/+milestone/2.0-rc3
> ## Feedback Appreciated!
> We encourage everyone to subscribe the mailing list at
> juju at lists.ubuntu.com and join us on #juju on freenode. We would love to
> hear
> your feedback and usage of juju.
> ## Anything else?
> You can read more information about what's in this release by viewing the
> release notes here:
> https://jujucharms.com/docs/devel/temp-release-notes
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> Curtis Hovey
> Canonical Cloud Development and Operations
> http://launchpad.net/~sinzui
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