Juju state as code?

Greg Mason greg.mason at canonical.com
Thu Oct 6 18:21:52 UTC 2016

Patrik Karisch wrote:
> Hi there,
> one thing which mocks my head, when evaluating Juju is, the state is only
> in the controller which gets deployed with commands. Which means I have
> IMHO no docs/history of how my current state of machines and charms was
> constructed?
> As a side note: I'm used to Ansible and Puppet, which means I have all my
> infrastructe in a Git repository which describes my whole infrastructure
> and works always in a reproducable and idempotent way. How can I map this
> concept to Juju? I fear a little bit to loose this automation concept while
> using Juju.
> Best regards,
> Patrik

Hi Patrik,

If you're looking for a repeatable way to deploy and test juju models/environments, you can also take a look at Mojo: https://mojo.canonical.com/

It allows you deploy specific versions of your code and charms, then run a specified set of tests after deployment. We use Mojo to deploy a large number of our juju environments. We test the deploy with Jenkins, and then (provided the CI deploy/test passes) deploy that commit/revision of the mojo spec to production. It's a good way to see how reproducible your environment is.


Greg Mason
Cloud Reliability Engineer - Bootstack
Canonical, Ltd

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