maas grub issue

Daniel Bidwell drbidwell at
Thu Oct 6 15:18:58 UTC 2016

I have a maas-1.9.4 with servers with 4 2T disks for data storage and a
120GB disk on an onboard controller for the system disk.  Maas is
deploying ubuntu 16.04 on the servers.  Ubuntu 16.04 labels the 120GB
system disk as /dev/sde, not /dev/sda.  In maas I can define the
/sdev/sde disk as the system disk.

juju bootstrap deploys the system and installs the OS on /dev/sde1 but
fails to write the grub record to /dev/sde and leaves the disk
unbootable.  The system fails over to booting from an ephemeral iscsi
file system where I can examine the state of the machine.

The disk is formated with a GPT partition table which grub will not
write to unless I manually create a small partition as partition 1 with
blocks from 34-2047 and the system partition as partition 2.

This manual step really not acceptable for deploying from juju and

How do I get maas to deploy the system in a way that it will boot
without manual editing?
Daniel Bidwell <drbidwell at>

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