Juju GUI 2.2.0 released!

Jeff Pihach jeff.pihach at canonical.com
Mon Oct 3 16:58:33 UTC 2016

We’re pleased to announce the latest feature release of the Juju GUI.

With the GA of Juju 2 release coming very soon we’re ready to unveil the
new enhanced model management in the Juju GUI. The new GUI allows you to
take advantage of Juju 2’s multi-user multi-model functionality as
seamlessly as you worked with a single model in the past. You can now
create new models, select which region in your cloud to deploy to, add new
credentials, and choose which credentials to use when deploying new models.

For a complete rundown of the new features in the the 2.2.0 release of the
Juju GUI check out this video below:



- New and enhanced model management in this release. This new experience
allows you to create new models, select which region to deploy to, add new
credentials, and choose which credentials to use when deploying to new
- Add Bundle Service support. This feature allows the GUI to use the
external Bundle Service to import bundles when the bundle lib in Juju is
not available, such as when in a sandbox or unconnected mode.
- Add version.json asset which contains the version number and git sha used
to build the GUI. To access this file visit the following path replacing
the necessary values:
  /gui/[CONTROLLER UUID]/[MODEL UUID]/static/gui/build/app/version.json
- (Fix) Logging in via USSO when you have no models.
- (Fix) Update relation list when removing uncommitted subordinate relation.
- (Fix) No clouds result when listing clouds.
- (Fix) Switch between unconnected state to connected state.

To upgrade your existing models to use this version of the GUI:

Juju 2:

Run `juju upgrade-gui`
Run `juju gui --show-credentials`

Juju 1:

Run `juju upgrade-charm juju-gui`

We welcome any feedback you may have on the GUI.  You can chat with us in
#juju on irc.freenode.net or you can file issues at:
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