Does VMWare provider work on Juju 2?

Mark Shuttleworth mark at
Sat Oct 1 18:07:09 UTC 2016

I think the answer is yes, since we have tests running against a vsphere
cluster which just recently became "voting" tests (meaning they block
landings if they fail). Not sure why the docs might have been removed,
thanks for the heads-up.

I'll ask for a "juju drivers" command which lists the drivers /
providers in Juju. Also, I think list-clouds should lead you to the
point where you can add a cloud.

  juju list-clouds
  aws ...
  zooby ...

  Update the known public cloud list with 'update-clouds'
  Show regions with 'list-regions <cloud>'
  Add additional infrastructure with 'add-cloud'.

I'll draft something up and file a bug.


On 30/09/16 12:10, Merlijn Sebrechts wrote:
> I see that the VMWare provider documentation is removed for Juju 2.0.
> Can Juju 2.0 use VMWare as a provider?

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