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Hi Chuck,

In 1.23.3 we landed an experimental addressable containers under a
feature flag (address-allocation). It however still needs a MAAS
that's able to give addresses over its API (maas profile ipaddresses
reserve). It's not tested whether it will work if MAAS is not managing
DHCP/DNS for its own nodes.

I've added a comment on the bug to ask for more info from James.


On 18.06.2015 23:22, Charles Butler wrote:
> Greetings,
> If you missed today's Juju Office Hours - James showed up and asked
> a great question with regard to LXC container networking on hosts.
> For clarity he is not working on the local provider, he's using
> juju deploy --to lxc:#  on bare metal machines provisioned by MAAS.
> A bug filed for the issue can be found here: 
> The MAAS region server (unmanaged) in his setup however, does not
> manage the network of the machines.  This particular network had an
> existing DNS, and DHCP services - so it was not conclusive to let
> MAAS control the networking with its own services.  As I understand
> it in the 1.23.x series of Juju, MAAS and AWS have landed support
> for full networking, including cross host networking of
> containers.
> This is not conclusive with what James has seen, can someone from
> the team working on this take a look into this, and give a brief
> status update as to where we are currently with supporting full
> container addressability as well as any fix, or work around?
> Also I'd like to take this time to ask, if you're using juju and 
> containers in production, what good things, bad things have you
> ecountered?
> Thanks, and all the best
> Charles Butler <charles.butler at 
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> future of datacenter orchestration:

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