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If you missed today's Juju Office Hours - James showed up and asked a great
question with regard to LXC container networking on hosts. For clarity he
is not working on the local provider, he's using juju deploy --to lxc:#  on
bare metal machines provisioned by MAAS. A bug filed for the issue can be
found here:

The MAAS region server (unmanaged) in his setup however, does not manage
the network of the machines.  This particular network had an existing DNS,
and DHCP services - so it was not conclusive to let MAAS control the
networking with its own services.  As I understand it in the 1.23.x series
of Juju, MAAS and AWS have landed support for full networking, including
cross host networking of containers.

This is not conclusive with what James has seen, can someone from the team
working on this take a look into this, and give a brief status update as to
where we are currently with supporting full container addressability as
well as any fix, or work around?

Also I'd like to take this time to ask, if you're using juju and containers
in production, what good things, bad things have you ecountered?

Thanks, and all the best

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