Keystone error

Martin Packman martin.packman at
Wed Jun 17 09:44:55 UTC 2015

You may have more luck asking on the new 'openstack-charmers' list as
this sounds more like an issue with how to use those rather with juju
in general:


On 17/06/2015, dinesh.senapaty at <dinesh.senapaty at> wrote:
> The part where we relate keystone with mysql ( juju add-relation ) fails
> after we create a connection between the two. It says shared-db
> relation-changed fails. And this is the first thing we are trying to do
> before relating any other services.

For starts, you'll want to look at the unit log to find out more
details on why the hook failed. It's in /var/log/juju on the machine
containing that unit.


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