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MrAsanjar . afsanjar at gmail.com
Thu Jun 11 20:43:19 UTC 2015

Howdy!  The Big Data team did some RQ time together today:

Charm was updated since last week review, Francesco, thank for a speedy
respond. However, there were still a couple of issues with how the
"Makefile" tried to manage the Juju environment. With the few
suggestions/changes ( noted in detail in the bug) , we were able to get
bundletester to run and all testcases passed successfully. The icon, the
README, and metadata.yaml all also looked good.

Apache Spark

Obviously this charm was done by a master charmer (me ) but with an
horrible artistic potentials. Charm's "icon" was *rejected :(*
However, all the testcases passed successffuly. The README and
metadata.yaml looked good as well.

Apache Zeppelin

Similar review as Spark charm, everything looked good except this time the
"icon" was labled as *"just tribble*" :( I really need to go back to school
and retake my art class.


Amir Sanjar
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