[Friday Labs] Mesos, ElasticSearch, MongoDB, Cassandra, HDFS are in a box...

Marco Ceppi marco at ondina.co
Sat Jun 6 23:58:54 UTC 2015

Hey Samuel,

This is some really cool stuff! I just kicked off a deployment using one of
your bundles, I've been wanting to play around with most of these
components, so now seems as good a time as any. Keep us updated!

Marco Ceppi

On Fri, Jun 5, 2015 at 6:23 AM Samuel Cozannet <
samuel.cozannet at canonical.com> wrote:

> Hi All,
> Have you ever dreamt of running a full *Mesos* cluster but never had the
> time to play with it?
> Better, a Mesos cluster running Spark code on *Cassandra*?
> Or wait. Maybe I'd also like to have it in *ElasticSearch AND Cassandra*.
> Hmm, now we're talking!
> *Aerospike* is really fast, I'd also like to have it.
> At the same time, for the data lake, you're running *Hadoop* in prod, so
> you'd also like to dump your stuff there.
> While we are at it, *MongoDB* is nice as well, and our devs could use
> that for the node.js apps.
> Or maybe you don't want to choose, and you want them ALL at the same time.
> You're 20 lines away from having your dream become true. Keep reading.
> Spoiler: As you're all Juju users, you're also 35min away from having it
> running for real in HA in your preferred cloud
> A month ago I attended Strata+Hadoop in London, and I discovered a pretty
> awesome piece of technology called Stratio (www.stratio.com)
> Stratio is an open source Big Data analytics platform based on Spark. It
> uses a data pipeline built on Kafka and Flume, backed by one or more of
> Cassandra, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, HDFS or Aerospike (WIP) for the
> resilient storage.
> Analytics is provided by running Spark either in Standalone or in a Mesos
> cluster, managed by ZooKeeper.
> The ultimate version of Stratio is called Sparkta, and offers the ability
> to describe data processing with a very simple JSON language that tells
> input, output, processing to apply etc... (6 words only). Sparkta is due
> for GA sometime this month.
> Stratio deployer is based on Chef running from a specific node (Stratio
> Admin). Hence charming the whole thing was pretty easy as the charm is a
> wrapper around the chef based deployer, as if Juju was only managing the
> resources and specifying them to Chef Server. Each node is built depending
> on the relation that's created with the admin node (ZK, Mesos...).
> I also designed 4 reference architectures based on each of the storage
> backends. Each reference arch has:
> * 1x Stratio Admin (there is no HA yet)
> * 3x ZooKeeper
> * 2x Mesos Master
> * 3 instances of storage, also running Mesos Slaves for data locality. For
> HDFS, it's actually 8 nodes (3x data, 3x journal, 2x name)
> The code repositories lie in GitHub, but I push version to Launchpad at
> the same time in my personal namespace (samuel-cozannet)
> * Bundles: https://github.com/SaMnCo/bundle-stratio
> * Charms:
>   * Admin: https://github.com/SaMnCo/charm-stratio-admin
>   * Node: https://github.com/SaMnCo/charm-stratio-node
> * Discussion tracker:
> https://groups.google.com/forum/?hl=fr#!topic/stratio-admin/KCth-xqZdM4
> Next Steps:
> * Clean up the code, make it faster (~35min deployment for now, should use
> the framework to fasten that up)
> * Add a demo use case, with Spark code that runs out of the box
> * Charm Sparkta when it's ready. There is little documentation yet as the
> project itself if really young. I'll be working with Stratio to make it
> happen, hopefully supported by them over time.
> * Charm Sparkta dashboard that shows results of analytics
> Any feedback/questions more than welcome. I hope you'll find this platform
> or some of its components useful. Stratio people are very nice and answer
> quickly to questions, don't hesitate to reach out to them.
> Best,
> Samuel
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