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I give a huge +1 to this. The deltas on his reviews and me following
through has been extremely low. I spent quite a while following your
breadcrumb trail of initial +1's and they have been excellent with only 2
charms that I ran into a diff on the review. His efforts have really
emobided our tenants of being adroit, reliable, and very precise in

I also have worked in hand with you over the non-linux enablement story
with vagrant and docker containers. Your contributions in this area really
helped push the mission of juju on other platforms where I blazed a trail
w/ others, you pop-riveted a solid structure.

The only minor nit i have in my review, is i don't see any charms in the
store under your maintainership - but this in the grand scheme of your
resume is very minor, and will come when you've got a contribution you feel
is ready.

Best of luck, and congrats. I do believe with my +1 this cements a quorum
to begin inductions.

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On Thu, Jun 4, 2015 at 3:01 PM, Adam Israel <adam.israel at>

> Hello Charmers!
> A wikified version of my credentials can be found here:
> The slightly shorter version:
> I've been working with and contributing to the Juju ecosystem for a
> little less than a year now. In that time, I've been a valued member of
> the team, performing reviews of incoming charms and merge proposals,
> tracking down bugs that impact performance, usability and functionality
> of tools across the ecosystem.
> I've dedicated to improving the developer experience; I've made
> significant improvements to the OS X developer workflow story, working
> with the team that maintains the Vagrant images, rewriting large
> portions of related documentation, and making sure that the available
> tools (brew) are current.
> I've authored several charms, including reddit, mysql-benchmark, and
> siege, and the support library for benchmarking, charm-benchmark.
> Feel free to ask me any questions, and thank you in advance for
> considering this application to join ~Charmers.
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