Juju 1.24-beta6 is ready for testing

Curtis Hovey-Canonical curtis at canonical.com
Thu Jun 4 22:39:40 UTC 2015

# juju-core 1.24-beta6

A new development release of Juju, juju-core 1.24-beta6, is now available.
This release replaces version 1.24-beta5.

## Getting Juju

juju-core 1.24-beta6 is available for vivid and backported to earlier
series in the following PPA:


Windows and OS X users will find installers at:


Development releases use the "devel" simple-streams. You must configure
the `agent-stream` option in your environments.yaml to use the matching
juju agents.

Upgrading from stable releases to development releases is not
supported. You can upgrade test environments to development releases
to test new features and fixes, but it is not advised to upgrade
production environments to 1.24-beta6.

## Notable Changes

This releases addresses stability and performance issues.

## Resolved issues

  * Intermittent panic: rescanned document
    Lp 1449054

  * `juju upgrade-juju --upload-tools` leaves local environment
    Lp 1457728

  *  warning: log line attempted over max size - leadership related
    Lp 1457645

  * Debug-log eof: invalid tag and panic seen in state server logs
    Lp 1461354

  * Juju has conf files in /var/log/juju on instances
    Lp 1370896

  * Juju restore fails with "/var/lib/juju/agents: no such file or
    Lp 1431372

  * Cannot destroy-environment with 'juju user add' .jenv file
    Lp 1403165

  * Juju cannot create vivid containers
    Lp 1442308

  * State: availability zone upgrade fails if containers are present
    Lp 1441478

  *, mongo: document is larger than capped size
    Lp 1454891

  * "relation-set --file -" doesn't seem to work
    Lp 1454678

  * Maas provider doesn't know about "failed deployment" instance
    Lp 1376246

  * Juju status --utc does not display utc and is confused
    Lp 1459611

  * Juju agent opens api when upgrade is pending
    Lp 1459912

  * 'juju status' wall clock timestamps should display offset not tz
    Lp 1459616

  * Harvest mode setting not used by container provisioner
    Lp 1459885

  * Allow status-set/get to a service by its leader unit
    Lp 1461111

  * Unit storage add should only accept count as constraint
    Lp 1461342


We encourage everyone to subscribe the mailing list at
juju-dev at lists.canonical.com, or join us on #juju-dev on freenode.

Curtis Hovey
Canonical Cloud Development and Operations

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