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On 23.07.2015 22:57, Kapil Thangavelu wrote:
> I've talked to a few folk at some conferences, but i'm curious
> what's been happening in networking?
> it feels like its been fairly long time w/ little visible progress
> on end user features. particularly i'm curious about aws (ie. the
> worlds biggest cloud :-).. more concretely - can i use existing
> (non default) vpcs? - can i create/use extant subnets across zones
> and specify them for services? - can i control routing between
> subnets or alternatively control/enforce iptables for a service
> based on extant relations (optional)?
> afaics most of the network progress was in various client libs
> afaics over the last year (and a maas centric core network
> model)... are there any plans to switch out to the aws api sdk
> instead of maintaining a separate client lib?
> thanks,
> Kapil
Hey Kapil,

I can report some progress on the points you've asked about:
1) non-default VPC support is mostly done - see bug, which I have mostly
finished fixing. In brief, there will be a "vpc-id" environ setting
that can be used to specify a non-default (but compatible) VPC to use.
By compatible at this stage I mean 2 things: at least one subnet per
AZ, all subnets in the VPC have MapPublicIPOnLaunch set.
2) the AWS VPC support is ongoing in a feature branch, the MVP
proposal will include: add existing subnet to juju (make juju aware of
it); create a space including one or more subnets; deploy a service
within a space.
3) it's on the roadmap to do more sophisticated
routing/ACL/firewalling between spaces, but it won't happen until the
16.04 time frame most likely.

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