state of networking?

Kapil Thangavelu kapilt at
Thu Jul 23 20:57:25 UTC 2015

I've talked to a few folk at some conferences, but i'm curious what's been
happening in networking?

it feels like its been fairly long time w/ little visible progress on end
user features. particularly i'm curious about aws (ie. the worlds biggest
cloud :-).. more concretely
 - can i use existing (non default) vpcs?
 - can i create/use extant subnets across zones and specify them for
 - can i control routing between subnets or alternatively control/enforce
iptables for a service based on extant relations (optional)?

afaics most of the network progress was in various client libs afaics over
the last year (and a maas centric core network model)... are there any
plans to switch out to the aws api sdk instead of maintaining a separate
client lib?


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