SuiteCRM Charm - No Auto-entry of database details

Joseph Liau joseph at
Thu Jul 23 18:01:54 UTC 2015


A while back I was working on a SuiteCRM charm (my first time doing
anything like this):

It installs all right, but when it comes time to go through the setup
via the web-gui of SuiteCRM, then database details do not get
automatically populated/entered in the installation process.

If I dig into the details of the database, I can find the details and
manually input them. If I do that, then the SuiteCRM installation works
as it should. This is obviously an unacceptable solution though.

I'm hoping that someone can help me to either fix the charm or liaise
with the SuiteCRM community resolve this issue. A lot of the charm is
based on templates from SugarCRM and similar installations.


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