[Review Queue] etcd, storage, postgresql (and some from last week)

Cory Johns cory.johns at canonical.com
Thu Jul 16 16:38:04 UTC 2015


The Big Data team (myself, Kevin, and Amir) got in some Review Queue
time today.  We also apparently forgot to send out an email for the RQ
items we got to last week, so those are included below, as well.

+ etcd

Mostly good, Amir had a couple of suggested small improvements to the
README and ran into what may be a race condition in the Amulet test
causing an intermittent spurious failure.

+ storage

The addition of an option to control the timeout waiting for the block
device was a nice change with good test coverage, making for an easy

+ postgresql

Actions are great, and this MP added two new actions to pause and
resume the hot-standby replication.  Also easy to approve another
great addition.


And, hearkening back to the week prior, some belated reviews from our team:

+ apache-spark-notebook

Kevin was able to review and put the finishing touches on this and get
it all ready for promulgation, where it will join our rapidly growing
collection of Big Data solutions.

+ plumgrid-director

A follow-up to an earlier review, the architecture design of this
related set of charms is coming along very nicely and some items from
previous reviews appear to have been addressed.  Definitely looking
forward to seeing the finished product on these.

+ ibm-mq

Though there were some issues with the external binaries needed for
this charm mentioned by others, I was able to provide some suggested
improvements to the README and tests.  Those have since been
incorporated and additional information regarding the external
binaries provided, so this seems to be ready for another round of

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