Query on Library Development of Java SDK Charm

Prabakaran Chandrasekaran prabacha at in.ibm.com
Wed Jul 15 11:01:59 UTC 2015

Hello Team,

I have created a charm for Java SDK. I got a suggestion from Canonical to
create this as a library instead of charm as this would be used with other

I was exploring this a little bit and found that this to be done if we
check-in the Java installable to Ubuntu’s repositories like (Main,
Universe, Multiverse, and Restricted) so that Java SDK will be distributed
as a library to the Ubuntu users. For this it looks like there is no need
of Juju charms and it is just to keep the binaries in the Ubuntu's
repositories. Is this understanding correct? I got confused as we were
working on Juju charms and if we need to implement in the above mentioned
approach, Juju charms is not coming into picture. Also I would like to add
that there could be licensing and copyright issues along with this which we
may need to get clarification from the product team.

Also I referred placing Java SDK installable to the Ubuntu repository using
PPA (Personal Package Archives) in the Launchpad. Is this also something we
can try with to make this product as library?

Also we have seen some charms which are developed as subordinate charms. Is
this anyway related to making the product as library? As per my
understanding making it subordinate just make sure that this is a dependent

Can you give me some directions on how to make a product as library? Is it
in any of the above approaches or is it totally different from these?

Thanks and Regards,
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