jujucharms.com and charmstore outage in progress

Richard Harding rick.harding at canonical.com
Tue Jul 14 23:47:50 UTC 2015

FYI: there's currently an issue with the storage system that the charmstore
and jujucharms.com are deployed to. The IS team is aware and working on
this and we're tracking their updates to make sure to get things back asap.

This means that the jujucharms.com urls that hit the charmstore and related
sections are not functioning.

Users of juju 1.24.0 and higher will be unable to do a deploy from the
charmstore until the outage is resolved.

I'll reply to this email with updates and if you have any questions please
feel free to ask me in #juju or #juju-gui on freenode. (irc nick rick_h)


Rick Harding

Juju UI Engineering

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