Specify Amazon VPC/Subnet

Mark Hannessen m.hannessen at youwe.nl
Mon Jul 13 08:21:03 UTC 2015


For one of our customers we seek to deploy a juju setup inside of a Amazon VPC.
I have already configured the VPC with an internal gateway and am able to boot machines inside of it as expected.
Internet connectivity works as expected.

Unfortunately juju bootstrap does not seem to deploy the bootstrap node inside the VPC by default.
juju bootstrap --constraints "cpu-cores=1" --upload-series trusty --upload-tools --to zone=eu-west-1a

I suspect i need a parameter to specify the subnet of the VPC (subnet-06932f5f) but i couldn't find it on

You can see my current configuration below.

default: amazon

        type: "ec2"
        region: "eu-west-1"
        access-key: "<removed>"
        secret-key: "<removed>"
        image-stream: "released"
        default-series: trusty

Anyone any idea as to how to make this work?

Kind Regards,


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