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Charles Butler charles.butler at canonical.com
Fri Jul 10 11:37:57 UTC 2015


This morning has been a productive one fueled by coffee and a month of
stuff to cover. I wrote 2 posts this morning covering some of the smaller
areas of interest I've been involved in over the last month:

Unofficial Juju Docker Images:

If you're using the juju docker images from whitmo, or johnsca - nows the
time to repoint those Fom lines in your Dockerfiles! These images are built
nightly, and ready for you to consume and file bugs. More info in the post

DNS Automation (including 3rd party providers!) has landed in the DNS charm
upstream - http://blog.dasroot.net/2015-dns-automation-with-juju.html

The upstream DNS charm has realized the multi-provider plugin architecture,
refactored the test suite to use tox and increased coverage to 70%, along
with implementing the first crumbs of third party support starting with Rt53

Over the next 2 weeks I'll be updating the docs for anyone wanting to
contribute, there have been a few backwords incompat changes - namely
moving from a bind config approach to JSON objects to be parsed by the

I'll also be writing an in-depth hands on developer post within the next
month, and highlight how this charm was an integral component in an ad-hoc
PAAS built with Juju!

All the best,

Charles Butler <charles.butler at canonical.com> - Juju Charmer
Come see the future of datacenter orchestration: http://jujucharms.com
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