[Review Queue] gluster, docker, and new big data (spark/zeppelin/pig/hive)

Kevin Monroe kevin.monroe at canonical.com
Thu Jul 2 22:16:24 UTC 2015

Hi folks!  Cory and I hit a couple review queue items today:

+ gluster

This was a real treat.  Not only have I been looking for a reason to try
out this fancy network filesystem, but I've also been wondering what's so
great about rust.  This charm helped me on both fronts (yup, it really has
a rust component [1]).  I'm happy to say we didn't hit any segfaults, but
unfortunately can't +1 it at this time.

Though the deployment was successful, we had reservations on a missing
config-changed hook and would like to see the readme and tests polished a
bit more prior to hitting the store.  Overall, this is a great submission
and I look forward to working more with Chris to see this through

+ docker

This was a refresh to v0.1.3 of the docker charm.  We noted some missing
hooks in the review, but overall deployment and amulet tests looked good.

We were stumped by a mysterious docker_opts.py module in this ansible
charm, but luckily had Whit to explain this was a mechanism to translate
hook events into docker runtime options. We requested this be documented a
bit better in the class and have some unit tests to make its utility more
obvious [2].

+ Big 'ol Data
I forgot to fire off a note to the list about our Q time last week.  For
those that don't know, Amir, Cory, and I make up the Big Data charmers team
at Canonical.  Last week we spent some time polishing our own bits and
we're excited to shepherd these into the store:
  - apache-spark: a fast big data processing engine
  - apache-zeppelin: notebook for interactive data analytics
  - apache-hive: data warehouse for query and analytics (think sql)
  - apache-pig: data analysis with the high-level Pig language

That's a wrap from us.  It's been a pleasure!  Find us on freenode #juju
(asanjar, cory_fu, kwmonroe) with any questions/comments.

[2] https://github.com/chuckbutler/docker-charm/issues/54

-Kevin Monroe
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