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Thu Jul 2 12:45:30 UTC 2015

On Wed, Jul 1, 2015 at 9:53 PM, Tim Penhey <tim.penhey at> wrote:

> I have been wondering for a while how we message to new users.
> I raise this because I see quite a few messages on stack overflow that
> go something like this:
>    "I'm really new to Juju and I'm trying to set up MaaS."
> I feel that if we are getting to this, we are doing something wrong.
> Perhaps we should have better docs around initial evaluation testing?
> How do we direct people more to the local provider and manual
> provisioning on existing hardware over setting up their own MaaS to try
> Juju?

The unfortunate issue is that manual and local both target arbitrary
environments, which means they are the least repeatable (local firewall,
pre-existing software interference). Getting machine 0 to not special in
local provider will help somewhat as would firewall checks, and foreground
lxc/lxd image download. In the meantime directing new users to a cloud
provider seems best whenever possible.

Partly it also depends on their goal, if their intent is to get to an
openstack setup, then becoming familiar with maas is also a useful
endeavour for which a virtualbox setup is useful.


ps. Googling getting started with juju brings up this video from two years
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