Juju 1.23.2 is proposed for release

Curtis Hovey-Canonical curtis at canonical.com
Tue Apr 28 14:21:28 UTC 2015

# juju-core 1.23.2

A new proposed stable release of Juju, juju-core 1.23.2, is now available.
This release may replace version 1.22.1 on Thursday April 30.

## Getting Juju

juju-core 1.23.2 is available for vivid and backported to earlier
series in the following PPA:


Windows and OS X users will find installers at:


Proposed releases use the "proposed" simple-streams. You must configure
the `agent-stream` option in your environments.yaml to use the matching
juju agents.

## Notable Changes

This releases addresses stability and performance issues.

## Resolved issues

  * 1.23.1: bootstrap failure, vivid, local provider
    Lp 1447446

  * Hooks don't fire after upgrade 1.23.0
    Lp 1447846


We encourage everyone to subscribe the mailing list at
juju-dev at lists.canonical.com, or join us on #juju-dev on freenode.

Curtis Hovey
Canonical Cloud Development and Operations

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