'ERROR juju.cmd supercommand.go:430 no instances found' when bootstrapping Juju on OpenStack Juno

Martin Packman martin.packman at canonical.com
Wed Apr 22 17:00:33 UTC 2015

On 16/04/2015, Robert Day <Robert.Day at metaswitch.com> wrote:
> I'm trying to set up Juju on my private OpenStack Juno cloud, but 'juju
> bootstrap' is consistently failing with 'ERROR juju.cmd supercommand.go:430
> no instances found'. My juju-core package version is
> 1.22.1-0ubuntu1~12.04.1~juju1.

Having looked at some logs kindly forwarded by Mark, I don't have a
definitive diagnostic, but have got an educated guess.

>         auth-url: http://obuenfvm1:5000/v2.0/

Can an instance within the cloud resolve this address? Once the state
server is up, it also needs to be able to talk to the api endpoints,
and that seems to be where it's failing.

As the machine is still up after bootstrap fails, you should be able
to ssh in and confirm if the routing works. Otherwise, look in
/var/log/juju and check with upstart if jujud had issues starting up.

We have a bug filed already about the final error message being
unhelpful, that I've been meaning to get round to fixing for a while:



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