Juju 1.23.1 is proposed for stable release

Curtis Hovey-Canonical curtis at canonical.com
Wed Apr 22 14:46:55 UTC 2015

# juju-core 1.23.1

A new proposed stable release of Juju, juju-core 1.23.1, is now available.
This release may replace version 1.23.0 on Thursday April 23.

## Getting Juju

juju-core 1.23.1 is available for vivid and backported to earlier
series in the following PPA:


Windows and OS X users will find installers at:


Proposed releases use the "proposed" simple-streams. You must configure
the `agent-stream` option in your environments.yaml to use the matching
juju agents.

## Notable Changes since 1.23.0

### Experimental: Addressable LXC Containers and KVM Instances on AWS and MAAS

The Juju AWS and MAAS providers now support starting LXC containers. The
MAAS providers also supports networking on KVM. Containers and Virtual
Machines will be given statically allocated private IP addresses from
the same subnet as their host machine. For example on MAAS you can now:

    juju deploy wordpress --to lxc:0
    juju add-unit mysql --to kvm:1

This experimental feature can be enabled when the environment is
bootstrapped like so:

    JUJU_DEV_FEATURE_FLAGS="address-allocation" juju bootstrap

These two units can now talk directly on the private subnet.

## Resolved issues

  * Addressable containers cannot resolve non-fqdn in maas
    Lp 1445063

  * Vivid bootstrap and destroy-environment intermittently fails
    Lp 1446662


We encourage everyone to subscribe the mailing list at
juju-dev at lists.canonical.com, or join us on #juju-dev on freenode.

Curtis Hovey
Canonical Cloud Development and Operations

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