new juju-gui but more importantly, new juju charmstore api

Richard Harding rick.harding at
Fri Apr 3 03:47:45 UTC 2015


The new v4 API is out there go migrate to it. v3 API will be EOL'd at the
end of the year.

For those with some time and a coffee on their hands:

The UI Engineering team is happy to announce a new release of the Juju GUI
today. You can get the details on it at the blog post:

It's a pretty invisible release to users but it completes a line of
important work. The Juju GUI now speaks exclusively to the new charmstore
'v4' api [1]. This is the new charm store powering We've
also landed updates to juju-quickstart and are almost done updating juju
itself (targeted at 1.24) to talking to the new API.

We'd like to help everyone move to this API from the legacy charmstore API
[2] and the old charmworld API [3]. We know a lot of folks have scripts and
tools using the older APIs. There's a library, charmworldlib [4], that was
written to assist with this.

To help folks move on to the new API we've started a new python library
codenamed 'theblues' [5] that everyone can get access to in the Juju github
organization and it's available from pypi [6] as well. We have the library
under the CI with the Juju GUI [7] and have a hacking doc [8] for those
interested in helping build out the library and contributing updates, docs,
and example usage.


The old charmworld API will be EOL'd at the end of the year. While it's
true it'll be around for a while yet, the data from there will start to
skew as we add new features to the charmstore that the old charmworld
system is not able to handle. So you might find charms, search results, and
metadata out of sync as the systems diverge over the course of the year. So
this is our heads up that sooner is better for any migrations.

Help us help you!

We know migrations to new APIs are painful, we've been working on it
through the GUI, quickstart, and all of our tools over the last few months.
Please let us know how we can help. Feel free to hop into #juju-gui and ask
for any assistance and please join the community and help improve the
tooling and docs. And yes, this is selfish as we don't want to support 3
different systems any longer. Three cheers to a single point of



Rick Harding

Juju UI Engineering

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