Kuberentes provider code has landed in MASTER!

Charles Butler charles.butler at canonical.com
Thu Apr 2 16:36:42 UTC 2015


As some of you may know the new-workloads eco team has been working
dilligently with Google upstream to land Juju as an officially supported
provider in the Kubernetes project. We've just officially landed our first
code PR that enables juju in the cluster-up (the official kubernetes
deployment scripts)


I'm very proud to announce we are now ready to start iterating faster, and
landed more features against the kubernetes charms than before. We are
excited and looking to a great future being included in the upstream

Currently this will deploy the 0.8.1 release of juju, and can be
accomplished by:

cloning the kubernetes project


This will fire up juju-quickstart to populate details if there is no
current-environment file in $JUJU_HOME.

The rest is a fully automated deployment of the k8's charms to setup a
micro-cluster consisting of 1 master, and 2 minions.

If you try this and have any feedback we welcome it at the bundle repository


Additionally we have a full fledge documentation suite setup here:


All the best,

Charles Butler <charles.butler at canonical.com> - Juju Charmer
Come see the future of datacenter orchestration: http://jujucharms.com
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