Another ~charmers application! - Chris Glass

Charles Butler charles.butler at
Tue Sep 30 17:47:42 UTC 2014

Greetings Chris,

as you have sealed a solid 2 +1's from the ~charmers team we will be in
touch shortly to schedule your ~charmer induction covering responsibilities
and expectations.

Congratulations and welcome aboard!

All the best,


On Thu, Sep 25, 2014 at 1:51 AM, Chris Glass < at>

> Hi all,
> It's my turn to apply for ~charmers membership.
> I have been using juju since the pyjuju days, mostly professionally
> but also for my personal use.
> Most of my contributions to the charm ecosystem stem from my current
> work position as a software engineer for Canonical, as part of the
> Landscape team:
> 1. Contributing to our own landscape and landscape-client charms (I am
> a member of ~landscape-charmers)
> 2. Heavy contributions to the storage subordinate (refactoring and
> extra features).
> 3. Working with OpenStack charms daily, and as such had the
> opportunity to find, trace and fix a variety of bugs in them. (I'm a
> member of ~openstack-charmers).
> 4. charm-helpers is of particular interest to me, and I have
> undertaken to explore, tidy and refactor that code, since it appears
> to have grown organically in the past, and accumulated a bit of
> technical debt.
> From the personal use side, I'm also the author of the ubuntu-mirror
> charm announced a few days ago, that I use to deploy and maintain an
> official ubuntu archives mirror. As most programmers I have a few
> other projects up my sleeve, but all of them might not become public
> before a bit more time.
> Outside of charming I'm an Ubuntu member and contributor, dad of one,
> and world traveler. Python has been my tool of choice these last few
> years, and before joining Canonical I've used puppet, vCenter
> Orchestrator, chef, and crowbar quite extensively. The last few items
> should give a hint as to where my previous professional positions were
> held :)
> Thanks for your consideration, time and awesome work,
> Best,
> - Chris
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