Application to ~charmers - Jorge Niedbalski

Charles Butler charles.butler at
Tue Sep 30 17:43:03 UTC 2014

You get a big +1 from me as well. Thank you for your contributions and
continued dedication to helping the juju ecosystem grow.

As my vote seals a 2 +1 vote from ~charmers, we'll get you scheduled soon
for a charmer intro and cover expectations + duties of a new ~charmer.

All the best!


On Wed, Sep 24, 2014 at 10:54 PM, Jorge Niedbalski <
jorge.niedbalski at> wrote:

> Hello Charmers,
> I would like to have your consideration to become a member of the
> team.
> I have been playing around with the Juju's ecosystem since some
> months, fair enough time to understand where a ~charmer should be
> pushing to contributors to make the environment safer for everyone.
> Part of my daily job is to deal with customers with several distinct
> deployment scenarios. I have been dealing with issues and feature
> requests on almost the entire Juju stack (Juju-core, juju-plugins,
> charms,  charm-helpers, charm-tools, openstack, juju-client, deployer,
> etc).
> Regarding to my contributions, the charms that i authored/maintain are:
> -
> -
> I also have contributed patches to other charms ( mysql,
> rabbitmq-server, nrpe, postgresql) as well to most of the
> ~openstack-charms in different areas.
> On ecosystems,  I have contributed several patches on the
> charm-helpers package (important: contrib.python, core modules), I
> have performed revisions and observations on charm-tools changes and
> authored/re-factored juju-plugins.  I also have contributions to the
> Amulet suite and minor fixes to jujuclient library. Also i have a fair
> amount of juju-core's mps and bugs.
> I understand that we need mature and well tested charms (I use them
> daily!!), for that reason i have been directly pushing and teaching
> constantly to contributors and customers for having unit and
> functional tests (see: trusty/vem && trusty/vsm charms) to improve the
> code coverage and documentation.
> On the community side, I have performed several reviews; blocking
> changes and asking for improvements whenever i can.  Also have been
> listed as official reviewer a couple of weeks, helping people on
> public channels and performed several training sessions to co-workers
> , team and people interested in charming in general.
> Please, feel free to ask me whatever you think is important (IRC:
> niedbalski), and again, thanks for your consideration.
> --
> Jorge Niedbalski R.
> # Email: jorge.niedbalski at (GPG:0x3DA28544)
> --
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