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Uhhuu! very excited to see this sprints like this.

I would love to organize a Hackathon :)


2014-09-19 14:36 GMT-03:00 Jorge O. Castro <jorge at ubuntu.com>:

> Greetings folks,
> The Juju Ecosystem team at Canonical (joined remotely by community members)
> recently had a developer sprint in beautiful Dillon, Colorado to Get Things
> Done(™).
> If you prefer a formatted version of this with pictures see here:
> http://www.jorgecastro.org/2014/09/19/juju-ecosystem-team-sprint-report/
> Here are the highlights:
> ## Automated Charm Testing
> Tim Van Steenburgh and Marco Ceppi made a ton of progress with automated
> charm
> testing, here’s the prelim state-of-the-world:
> - [
> http://reports.vapour.ws/charm-tests](http://reports.vapour.ws/charm-tests)
> - [
> http://reports.vapour.ws/charm-tests-by-charm](http://reports.vapour.ws/charm-tests-by-charm)
> Jenkins Jobs Fired off:  22
> This enabled us to dedicate hours of block time of getting as many of
> those red
> charms to green as possible. The priority for our team over the next few
> weeks
> will be fixing these charms, and of course, gating new charms via this
> method,
> as well as kicking back broken charms to personal namespaces.
> Ben Saller helped out by prototyping “Dockerizing” charm testing so that
> developers can test their charms in a fully containerized way. This will
> help CI
> by giving us isolation, density, and reliability.
> Charm Tests are now launched from review queue to help gating based on
> tests
> passing.
> Thanks to Aaron Bentley for supporting our efforts here!
> ## Review Queue
> The Charmers (Marco Ceppi, Charles Butler, and Matt Bruzek) dedicated time
> to
> getting through reviews.  The whole team spent time creating fixes for the
> automated test results mentioned above. We’re in great shape to driving
> this
> down and not ever letting it get out control again thanks to our new team
> review
> guidelines: [http://review.juju.solutions/](http://review.juju.solutions/)
> The goal was to help submitters and reviews know the where they are at in a
> review, and next steps needed.
> Here are the numbers:
> - Reviews Performed: 189
> - Commits: 228
> - Charms Promulgated: 10
> - Charms Unpromulgated: 7
> - Lines of Code touched: 34109   (artificially high due to SVG icons, heh)
> - Reviews Submitted: 84
> - Energy Drinks: 80
> Some new features:
> - Users can now log in with Ubuntu SSO and see what reviews they have
> submitted, and reviewed
> - Ability to query the review system and search/filter reviews based
> on several metrics (http://review.juju.solutions/search)
> - Ability for charmers to fire off an automated test of a charm on
> demand right from the queue. When an MP is done against a charm, we’ll
> now automatically reply to the MP with a link to the test results. \o/
> - You can now “lock” a review when you’re doing one so that the rest
> of the community can see when a review is claimed so we don’t
> duplicate work. (Essential for mass reviews!)
> - Queues divided and separated to highlight priority items and items
> for different teams
> ## CloudFoundry
> - Improving the downloader/packaging story so it’s more reusable
> - Cory Johns developed a pattern for charm helpers for CloudFoundry;
> the CF sub-team feels this will be a useful pattern for other
> charmers. They’re calling it the “charm services framework”, expect to
> hear more from them in the future.
> - We were able to replicate the Juju/Rails Framework deployment of an
> application and compare doing the same thing on CF:
> https://plus.google.com/117270619435440230164/posts/gHgB6k5f7Fv
> - Whit concentrated on tracking changes to Pivotal’s build procedures.
> ## Charm Developer Workflow
> This involves two things:
> ### “The first 30 minutes of Juju”
> This primarily involved finding and fixing issues with our user and
> developer
> workflow. This included doing some initial work on what we're calling
> "Landing
> Pages", which will be _topic_ based landing pages for different places
> where
> people can use Juju, so for example, a “Big Data” page with specific
> solutions
> for that field. We expect to have these for a bunch of different fields of
> study.
> We have identified the following 5 charms as "flagbearer"": Rails (in
> progress),
> elasticsearch, postgresql, meteor, and chamilo. We consider these charms
> to be
> excellent examples of quality, integration with other tools, and usage of
> charm
> tools. We will be modifying the documentation to highlight these charms as
> reference points. All these charms have tests now, though some might not
> have
> landed yet.
> ### Better tools for Charm Authors:
> Ben, Tim, and Whit have a prototype of a fully Dockerized developer
> environment
> that contains all of the local developer tools and all of the flagbearer
> charms.
> The intention is to also provide a fully bootstrapped local provider. The
> goal
> is "test anything in 30 seconds in a container".
> In addition to this, Adam Israel tackled some of our Vagrant development
> stories, that will allow us to provide better Vagrant developer workflow,
> thanks
> to Ben Howard and his team for helping us get these features in our boxes.
> We expect both the Docker-based and Vagrant-based approaches to eventually
> converge.  Having both now gives us a nice "spread" to cover developers on
> multiple operating systems with tools they're familiar with.
> ## Big Data
> Amir/Chuck worked on the following things:
> - Upgrading the ELK stack for Trusty
> - Planning out new Landing Pages focused on the Big Data story
> - Bringing up existing Big Data (Hortonworks) Stack to Charm Store
> standards for Trusty, and getting those charms merged
> - Pre-planning for next phase of Big Data Workloads (MapR, Apache
> distributions)
> ## Other
> - General familiarity training with MAAS, OpenStack on OBs and NUCs.
> - Very fast firehose drinking for new team members, Adam Israel,
> Randall Ross, and Kevin Monroe have joined the team.
> - Special Thanks to Jose Antonio Rey, Sebas, and Josh Strobl, for
> joining us to help get reviews and fixes in the store and
> documentation.
> - We have a new team blog at:
> [http://juju-solutions.github.io/](http://juju-solutions.github.io/)
> (Beta, thanks Whit.)
> - Most of the topics here had corresponding fixes/updates to the Juju
> documentation.
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