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Charles Butler charles.butler at canonical.com
Sat Sep 27 00:21:45 UTC 2014


The post to the list is 2 fold. One is it provides a clear and concise path
of what we have worked on for the week during our Review duty. It also
increases exposure as to what the Charmers have been addressed and provides
a quick/easy method to respond and participate in the process.  As James
Troup already commented on, they are quite useful to our users that are
primarily focused in github but want to know what was updated over the
week. And as we know Juju Charm development is primarly focused in

The secondary side to this is it really does shine a light on the great
work of the community we are building, and prompts for more communication
as to whats happening with the Review Queue. Prior to this notification,
our users were constantly lost on the review process, what has been looked
at vs what hasn''t. And the list looked long - stale - and quite
unattractive to new users as they didn't fully understand how we were
interfacing with the RevQ.

Sorry you feel that this is overkill, however the notices are indeed easily
filtered out of your mailing list feed with some filters.

Hope this helps and all the best,


On Fri, Sep 26, 2014 at 5:46 PM, Dean Henrichsmeyer <dean at canonical.com>

> Hi,
> Since charm reviews are documented in Launchpad, can someone explain to me
> the necessity of email summaries to the list? Everyone is so busy I'm
> having a hard time understanding the need for the redundancy and the extra
> noise it brings to the list.
> Thanks,
> Dean
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