New Big Data Bundles have landed!

Mark Shuttleworth mark at
Tue Sep 23 07:54:50 UTC 2014

On 22/09/14 19:40, Charles Butler wrote:
> It may be still in the ingest-o-tron, pending ~ 20 minutes from posting,
> but I've just landed 3 new big data bundles for our data scientists out
> there to consume for our new Hortonworks Hadoop stack.
> Deploy the base Hadoop Map/Reduce engine:
> juju quickstart bundle:hdp-hadoop-cluster/5/hdp-hadoop-cluster
> Deploy Base + Hortonworks Pig for Pig Latin Map Reduce job generation
> juju quickstart bundle:hdp-hadoop-pig/5/hortonworks-pig-solution
> Deploy Base + Hive / MySQL for data warehousing and SQL like Map/Reduce job
> generation
> juju quickstart bundle:hdp-hadoop-hive-mysql/5/hdp-hadoop-hive-mysql
> If you deploy these and find any issues or need help getting unblocked from
> a deployment feel free to join us in #juju on and ping
> @lazypower or @asanjar directly. As always, bugs and feedback are welcome!

Congrats on this huge step. Big data is a central part of the next wave
of IT and it looks like these charms are the cleanest, best way to get
scaling with Hadoop / Pig / Hive etc. Very excited!


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