I gave a quick writeup over Juju on Digital Ocean

Charles Butler charles.butler at canonical.com
Mon Sep 22 15:42:43 UTC 2014


Juju on Digital Ocean, WOW! That's all I have to say. Digital Ocean is one
of the fastest cloud hosts around with their SSD backed virtual machines.
To top it off their billing is a no-nonsense straight forward model. $5/mo
for their lowest end server, with 1TB of included traffic. That's enough to
scratch just about any itch you might have with the cloud.

Speaking of scratching itches, if you haven't checked out Juju yet, now you
have a *prime, low cost cloud provider* to toe the waters. Spinning up
droplets with Juju is very straight forward, and offers you a hands on
approach to service orchestration thats affordable enough for a weekend
hacker to whet their appetite. Not to mention, Juju is currently the #1
project on their API Integration listing! http://goo.gl/m6u781

In about 11 minutes, we will go from zero to deployed infrastructure for a
scale-out blog (much like the one you're reading right now).
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