Juju is still too hard

Tim Penhey tim.penhey at canonical.com
Sun Sep 21 21:25:23 UTC 2014

On 22/09/14 03:29, Michael Schwartz wrote:
> Guys,
> I hate to break this to you, but deploying and managing Juju is still
> too hard and too unreliable.
> I hear this in the market, and my own experience confirms it. The two
> times I tried, once on my local system, once on Azure, it didn't work.
> My Juju t-shirt lists Azure first, so I wouldn't think this is too
> obscure of a platform. And testing Juju out on a local VM is exactly
> what many will try to do.

What problems are you encountering?  I know it is easy to say "it didn't
work", but are you able to help us by saying in what way it didn't work?

Where are your expectations not being met?

> Until you address the usability issue, it doesn't matter how many charms
> we make.

What are the key usability issues you see?  What isn't obvious?  What
are the pain points you are hitting?


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