Online Charm Workshops for the next cycle

Jorge O. Castro jorge at
Thu Sep 18 18:08:53 UTC 2014

Hi everyone, I've scheduled everything out into the holidays, taking
into account conferences, holidays, and other events.

All sessions are at 1500 EST / 1900 UTC and will be recorded and
published on the Juju website, we'll also send reminders to this list
and we'll host it on

October 3rd  - Getting started with Charm Testing
October 24th - Relationships/Interfaces - How to pass information
inbetween charms
November 21st - Debugging Hooks
December 5th - Writing Charms for Restrictive Networks
December 19th Automated Charm Testing infrastructure - jorge/tim

Note that there is also an Ubuntu Online Summit in there the week of
November 10th; we'll also likey do more sessions during that entire
week as well.

If you're an instructor you've gotten an invite.

Jorge Castro
Canonical Ltd. - Automate your Cloud Infrastructure

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