Review Queue: Dell OpenManage Server Administration, Postgresql MP

Adam Israel adam.israel at
Thu Sep 18 12:44:22 UTC 2014

New charm: Dell OpenManage Server Administration [1]

This charm has already been through thorough reviewing but has since added recommended changes and Amulet tests. The metadata changes look good, and charm proof passes cleanly. I don’t have access to the test lab yet. Chuck is going to re-review it, since he’s been hands-on with the charm previously.

Merge lp:~stub/charms/precise/postgresql/integration into lp:charms/postgresql [2]

This is a charm I started reviewing last week. I fixed numerous lint issues[3] and was able to get it passing both lint and unit tests. The integration tests, however, still need some work[4].

I had to work around in my local environment (vagrant), which I addressed in the MP. I had to set JUJU_REPOSITORY to my shared directory in order for the integration tests to successfully deploy. Finally, some of the tests that are still failing are relying on relation-list, which it was trying to execute via juju run. That command doesn’t exist outside the hook context, as far as I’m able to find.

[3] lp:~aisrael/charms/precise/postgresql/fix-lint

Adam Israel
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