Regression with dots in charm options

James Westby james.westby at
Wed Sep 17 11:01:05 UTC 2014


We have an existing environment that we are trying to redeploy to a new
openstack deployment. One of the charms makes extensive use of dots in
the config keys, and is getting a "not okForStorage" error when trying
to deploy.

It sounds very much like

We could rewrite the charm to avoid the dots, however:

  - Doing a smooth transition would be very difficult.
  - The charm makes extensive use of these, in particular the config
    file that they are serialized to uses them as well, so there would
    have to be a lot of code added to transform the keys in the charm.

It's not exactly clear from the bug log when this regression occured,
and the bug suggests it may only affect local charms.

Could someone look at this and tell us:

  - Whether it is considered a regression that will be fixed, or whether
    this is now a restriction on charms?
  - If it is a regression when we can expect a fix, and whether it will
    be backported to 1.18?

Otherwise I will get on with modifying the charm to avoid the dots, with
all the hassles that brings.



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