Revision file on charms

Simon Davy bloodearnest at
Mon Sep 8 15:00:34 UTC 2014

On 8 September 2014 15:40, Matt Bruzek <matthew.bruzek at> wrote:
> José
> I just had a conversation about that with the Ecosystems team.  You are
> correct, the revision file in the charm directory is no longer used and we
> can delete those files on future updates.

So this is interesting, as we are looking to start using the revision
file more explicitly, as part of our automation.

We deploy from local repositories, with charms in bzr, and one thing
we would like to explicitly know which *code* revision is currently
deployed in an environment.

So we were thinking to have a pre-deploy step that did "$(bzr revno) >
revision"  in each charm, just before deploy/upgrade. That way, the
revision reported by juju status gives us the exact code revision of
the the current charm. This would pave the way for us to diff a
current environment with a desired one and see what charms need
changing as part of a deploy.

Does this make sense? Is there some other method of knowing the code
branch/revision a charm is currently running?



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