Call for Charm School topics

Sebastian sebas5384 at
Fri Sep 5 17:54:35 UTC 2014

Great! I'm interested in:

- Charm testing.
- Relationships / interfaces.
- DNS charm.
- Juju Updates in general.
- Backup and restore.
- Charms for different archs.

Some topics that I always wanna talk about it with you Juju experts:

- What would be the better way to scale a charm?, NFS, GlusterFS, Load
balancers, etc...
- Subordinated charms, when and how to use it. Conflicts with Ansible
- Update bundle, how this can be done today? (bundle versions).
- Linux Containers, how this new paradigm fit with Juju? Docker+Openstack
and CoreOS.
- How Juju deals with networking.
- and many others... but the main ones are the above.

I'll be participating :D


2014-09-05 12:13 GMT-03:00 Jorge O. Castro <jorge at>:

> Hello everyone,
> Now that conference season is winding down we can start to spin up on
> Charm workshops. Antonio and I sat down and bashed out some ideas for
> charm school topics. I've added that list below and also penciled in
> an instructor.
> Getting Started (again!)- jorge/marco
> Getting started with Charm Testing - jorge/chuck/seb
> Relationships/Interfaces - How to pass information inbetween charms -
> marco/bcsaller
> Debugging Hooks - jorge/marco/chuck
> Writing Charms for Restrictive Networks - jorge/mbruzek
> Automated Charm Testing infrastructure - jorge/tim
> Deploying ElasticSearch Clusters with Juju - jorge
> Deploying Nagios Workloads with Juju - jorge/mbruzer (Maybe someone
> from Nagios can copresent?)
> Leveraging nginx in your charms - jorge/?
> How to use the DNS Charms - jorge/chuck
> Swapping JDKs in your charm - jorge/mbruzek
> Charm Helper Updates and Breakdown - jorge/ceppi
> Charm Tool Updates - jorge/ceppi
> Backup and Restore in Juju - jorge/?
> Using Juju with Digital Ocean - jorge/kapilt
> Charms for different architectures - jorge/mbruzek/chuck
> We also need a set of big dataish workload ones, any ideas for those
> would be great. Did I miss anything? Any specific topics people would
> like to see? Any other volunteers as instructors?
> I'd like to do charm testing and relationships/interfaces first, as
> we've had people ask for those specifically.
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> Jorge Castro
> Canonical Ltd.
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