[Review Queue] devspace-simulator

Mark Shuttleworth mark at ubuntu.com
Fri Sep 5 13:07:05 UTC 2014

Rather cool as a telco-oriented PAAS, looking forward to giving it a spin!

When we review a charm do we bring it up on various clouds? Do we have
any way to verify that it works on, say, OpenStack and EC2?


On 04/09/14 14:05, Tim Van Steenburgh wrote:
> Yesterday I reviewed devspace-simulator [1], a new charm submission. The
> charm deploys successfully, but needs some clean-up [2] in order to meet
> Charm Store poilcy and be eligible for promulgation.
> [1] http://devspace.hsenidmobile.com/
> [2] https://bugs.launchpad.net/charms/+bug/1353535/comments/1

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