[Review Queue] charm proof errors

Tim Van Steenburgh tim.van.steenburgh at canonical.com
Tue Sep 2 13:39:09 UTC 2014

> # Questions
> Should charm proof run lint check? Right now our docs say charms must
> pass proof (no warning or errors) to pass review, but it does not say
> the charm has to pass lint check. Thus, we should consider making lint
> errors not fail charm tests or have charm proof run lint (where
> appropriate, ie for py charms) and return an appropriate
> error/warning/info.

Lint is only run against charms that have voluntarily included a lint
target in
their Makefile. It's an opt-in extra test for charm authors. You don't have
participate, but if you include a lint target, we'll insist that it passes.

This won't be officially enforced until the review queue is hooked up to the
new automated charm testing stuff, at which point we'll need to update the
docs, making it clear exactly which tests will be run when a review is
(I'll be happy to take care of that.)
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